Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jukebox Juicebox #15

Coldcut featuring Roots Manuva “True Skool”
The highlight of Coldcut’s current album “Sound Mirrors” gets a well deserved single release, with the usual VFM clutch of remixes. The original version is a stomper, sampling bhangra beats from the theme to “Maawan Thandian Chhawan”, as Roots Manuva delivers his trademark laidback rap over the top. For the most part, the remixers don’t tamper with this successful formula, with the exception of the remix by Dave Taylor, aka Switch. Dubbing Manuva’s vocals and upping the tempo to create a more techo-friendly track , this is the EP’s only misfire. The Qemists also speed up the beats, dropping the Punjabi influences for a harder, more frenetic sampled guitar sound, which surprisingly works. Inevitably, none of the mixes surpass Coldcut’s definitive take but, as ever, the attraction is the choice of artists, making for an interesting listen.

Tracklisting: 1. True Skool (radio edit) / 2. (sway mix - clean) / 3. (switch mix) / 4. (the qemists mix) / 5. (spank rock bbc soundsystem mix) / 6. (album version) + True Skool (video)

You can listen to the full “True Skool” EP and watch the video (and so much more besides) on the excellent
Coldcut website
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Blogger Atom Boy said...

As you know, I'm a big fan of Roots Manuva so this should have been a track made in heaven. I had on it my site for a while, but after repeated listens I became less enamored with it, and it's my least favorite of the three singles to date. Still good, though. Sound Mirrors is Coldcut's best work for a long time, and my favourite album of the year so far!

10:50 pm  
Blogger Khayem said...

I quite like Roots Manuva's own material, though arguably his collaborations have never quite achieved the early peak of Leftfield's "Dusted". I'd agree that the other two singles have the edge, not least because of a slightly superior package of mixes. "Man In A Garage" is probably my favourite. I still haven't heard "Sound Mirrors" in it's entirety though!

6:41 am  

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