Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stripping Down #11

The Mighty World Of Marvel (v3) #50 (Panini UK)
“The Titannus War” by Robert Kirkman & Paco Medina
(Marvel Team-Up (v3) #13)

“Games Godlings Play!” by Steve Gerber + Len Wein & Jim Starlin (Giant Size Defenders #3)
“Tomb Of Dracula” by Robert Rodi & Jamie Tolagson
(Tomb Of Dracula (v4) #4)

“The Peerless Power Of The Silver Surfer” by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
(Fantastic Four Annual #5)

A bumper 100 page issue celebrates MWOM’s half-century, no mean feat given the crowded UK newsstand comics market. After a year long build up, the current Marvel Team-Up run comes to an end with a climatic melee featuring Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Dr. Strange, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Nova versus super super Skrull, Titannus. Typically, the aftermath suggests that the story is far from over, but Robert Kirkman nevertheless provides a satisfying tale, with greatly improved art from Paco Medina. Tomb Of Dracula also concludes with a major battle this issue, as Blade faces off against the titular Lord Of The Undead. Despite the fact that the series has borne no resemblance whatsoever to it’s original (and unquestionably superior) incarnation, it’s been an enjoyable read. Jamie Tolagson’s art has been a notable asset and surprisingly consistent, given the small army of inkers involved. The Defenders return for an encounter with The Grandmaster, guest-starring original MWOM headliner Daredevil. The story exemplifies Gerber and Starlin’s tendency in the 1970s to juxtapose ‘out there’ splash panels with huge swathes of text. As with Tomb Of Dracula, several ink artists are involved, though in this case predictably diminishing rather than enhancing Jim Starlin’s pencil layouts. A fun, but unexceptional, addition. Rounding off this anniversary issue is the Silver Surfer’s first ever solo story, courtesy of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Frank Giacoia’s inks bring out the cosmic majesty of Kirby’s pencil art and whilst adversary Quasimodo isn’t the most memorable of Marvel villains, this is a great example of Lee and Kirby’s strengths as a creative force. As ever, MWOM is an excellent showcase for the Marvel universe, it’s mix of the new and the old, the familiar and the obscure a winning formula that promises to keep on delivering.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey ya!!!

just check out your blog, i've actually read the bumper issue on it's own and i quite liked the story even though i arrived late in the series... the funny bit of the titannus War story was when Spidey thought he could take on the Galactical Titannus!!! hilarity, i wasn't too keen on the Blade story however but i did enjoy the various fights in the Defenders section of the comic... sorry "graphic novel" but i did enjoy the way DD saved the day... he should have confronted the grandmaster initially with that wager!!! is it me or did the granmaster reform in the epic JLA/Avenger crossover i wonder what made him try to save the earth from that other dude "krovac" or something... anyway just wanted to drop a post and vacate... well it's been a blast... so till DC UK (legends - batman, superman, jla) print it's stories on better quality Paper than marvel make mine marvel.... oh crap.. someone better tell scott and webb...

12:45 pm  
Blogger Khayem said...

Whilst Titan do use better quality paper for their comics*, I don't like the fact that there are so many ad pages, including pages 2 & 3 of the comic. If I wanted my reading to be constantly interrupted by annoying commercials, I'd buy the US issues! ;-)

* Printed in England, as opposed to Panini's titles which are produced in Italy. Significant?

Thanks for the comments - please visit again!

7:25 pm  

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