Sunday, May 14, 2006

Grant McLennan (1958-2006)

On Saturday 6th May 2006, Grant McLennan died in his sleep at home in Brisbane. McLennan was a founding member of arguably Australia's greatest band The Go-Betweens, as well as being an extremely prolific singer-songwriter in his own right. Having belatedly discovered The Go-Betweens in the late 1980s, just as they split, then re-discovering them through their stunning third post-reunion album "Oceans Apart" (see my review in Jukebox Juicebox #4), I'm extremely saddened by the loss of an incredible and yet always underestimated musical talent. I didn't hear about Grant's death until this weekend; so much has already been said in tribute that I almost feel that my words will seem like an afterthought. Grant may have left behind a huge musical legacy, but the world's an emptier place without his presence. Rest in peace, Grant, you'll be missed.

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Blogger Atom Boy said...

I remember you always trying to switch me on to The Go-Betweens back in the 80s and, I don't know, I was never able to to really get into them. Then, by chance, I heard Oceans Apart last year and started to rvise my opinion somewhat although, I have to say, I do still prefer their more contemporary stuff. Australia's greatest band? Severed Heads, surely! ;-)

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