Monday, June 26, 2006

Hulk's Head Hurts...

Whilst re-reading Marvel UK's Hulk Comic from the 1970s, the cover of #1 started to really bug me. The art looked distinctly like Brian Bolland, but the head was an iconic Hulk shot from the US series. I did a bit of digging around and, sure enough, in a subsequent 1980s Hulk series, there's a centrespread poster of the Bolland's original piece. Looking at the expression - less 'Hulk Smash' than 'Hulk tear your dog's legs off, your kid's legs off, then Hulk get to work on you' - it's perhaps little wonder that editor Dez Skinn decided that it might be a tad too frightening for the newsstand.

Likewise, Hulk series artist David Lloyd never got to draw a cover, possibly for the same reason. I, for one, used to be scared shitless by his rendition of the Jade Giant. Whilst we're on the subject of the superlative Lloyd, though, I'd love to see a reprint his classic noir strip (which preceeded V For Vendetta), Night Raven. How about it, Panini?
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Blogger John Freeman said...

Paul Neary once told me re-drew the head on Hulk Weekly #1 at Dez Skinn's instruction. Such alterations were often carried out at Marvel UK.

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