Saturday, February 03, 2007

I Nearly Married A Primate...

Taken from the Apes Mail letters page in Marvel UK's Planet Of The Apes weekly #62, cover dated 27 Dec 1975:

Dear Stan,
In previous "Apes Forum" pages, girls have fallen for Galen, but I have fallen for Zira. I fell for her when I saw the film in Bournemouth in 1974. Ever since I have been her best fan. When I win the football pools I will go to America to visit her.
G.I. White, Poole, Dorset

On behalf on Marvel head honcho Stan Lee, POTA editor Neil Tennant (when the Pet Shop Boys were merely a twinkle in his eye) cautiously responded:
Romance, it seems, is blossoming everywhere. And it isn't even springtime!

I've Googled for subsequent news stories along the lines of:
Dorset pools winner changes name to 'Gorilla Interest' - imprisoned in U.S. for acts of bestiality.
I'll let you know when I find one....

More evidence of unhinged Marvel UK correspondents can be found in my
Feb 2006 item
Comic Book Letters Pages Aren't What They Used To Be...

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