Sunday, July 09, 2006

Doctor Who

Wow, has another 13-week season of Doctor Who really come to an end so soon? Unfortunately yes, but in spectacular fashion as, at long last, the Cybermen and Daleks clashed, with poor old planet Earth stuck in the middle. To be honest, I thought that following their unstoppable showing earlier in the series, the Cybermen’s performance here paralled England’s in the World Cup. A combination of poor management and half-arsed execution resulted in the Daleks kicking their butts, big time. Of course, with the Doctor on hand, the eponymous Doomsday was averted due to a last minute sending off of both teams or, in this case, exile to the void between dimensions. Actually, I wonder if it’s not too late to send Rooney and Beckham there as well…

The much-hyped death of Rose Tyler (aka Billie Piper) was exactly that – hype - but her departure was convincingly realised. Personally, I’m relieved to see the back of Rose/Billie, who became increasingly annoying as the current series progressed. Some of the recent episodes may have been a touch self indulgent but others – notably The Rise Of The Cybermen and The Satan Pit two-parters – have been amongst the finest Doctor Who stories of any era. David Tennant’s proved to be a brilliant Doctor, no mean feat considering Christopher Eccleston’s redefining and unbelievably popular performance was a daunting lead to follow. With another Christmas special on the way (I’ll ignore the inclusion of Catherine Tate otherwise I'll start using bad language), plus new companion Martha Jones and the return of yet another classic foe in season three, Doctor Who is completely compelling viewing.

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