Sunday, February 25, 2007

Who Farted

A combination of light sleep and hangovers means that I often wake up at the crack of dawn on the weekend, whilst my beloved has a lie in. This leads to the time honoured tradition of a pot of tea - or, in the case of a severe hangover, a mug of Bovril with Tabasco sauce, a failsafe cure - a barrel of biscuits and a Doctor Who video or DVD. So as not to wake my loved one, I watch the latter whilst wearing headphones. This occasionally leads to some unexpected 'extras' on the soundtrack...
This week: "The Mark Of The Rani", hardly one of the Sixth Doctor's - or indeed the series' - finest moments. Episode two, thirty seven minutes and forty five seconds in, the Doctor awakens an unconscious Peri in a mine shaft. Is the Doctor's unexpectedly loud (and possibly unscripted) "Shhh!" a thinly veiled attempt to disguise an equally insistent botty burp? Or maybe the Doctor is sending a warning to The Master in Tersuran, something he was to repeat in The Curse Of Fatal Death?

It's long been accepted that 'whoever smelt it dealt it' and 'whoever denied it supplied it'. Is it also reasonable to assume that 'whoever created the distraction caused the infraction'? Maybe I just need to drink less and sleep more...

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