Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Have You Fed The Fish?

I spotted this in my local free paper this weekend. Badly Drawn Boy played live in a Bedminster chippy just down the road from my house last Saturday? I wouldn't have believed it if you'd told me. Damn, and I thought spotting Simon MacCorkindale in The Tobacco Factory couldn't be beat...

Badly Drawn Boy official website

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Anonymous Neil said...

Somehow I think of BDB as more of a pie and chips kind of guy!

Haven't got the new Sherwood album yet but liked ...Hippy so no doubt I'll be adding it to my ever expanding On-U collection at some point. I put all my On-U stuff into a single playlist the other day and noticed that it totaled nearly two days worth of music! Fanatical?

I also picked up Japan's Obscure Alternative's recently, as well as Adolescent Sex. Tacky as it is, I still prefer the first album, especially the glam-cum-prog rock of tracks like Transmission.

So, rumours of Faithless' demise proved groundless. Just picked up the promo of Music Matters. Axwell's mix is the best of the bunch, removing most of the sickly sweetness of the album version. The Rollo & Sister Bliss mix is ok if somewhat dull, and the Pete Heller mixes..well...let's just say I've never been a fan.

Must have a look for that Radio 4 EP. To be honest, they're a band that has pretty much passed me by, apart from stuff you've sent me.

P.S. I get most of my lifestyle tips from Queer Eye... too!

1:40 am  
Blogger Khayem said...

I'll hopefully get around to another Juicebox Jukebox music reviews update before the end of the year...!

Topping the BDB gig, the reformed Crowded House chose to play a couple of warm up gigs at Bath Moles (Sat 17th) & the Bristol Thekla (Mon 19th). Needless to say, completely missed the boat (pun intended) and will probably have a separate blog rant later.

And, finally, what would we do without the Fab Five, eh?

9:16 am  

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