Thursday, March 22, 2007

Six Months In A Leaky Boat

....Well, more like two hours on a recently refurbished boat. Honestly, you wait for a good gig to come along and then you get two at once...! My beloved was overjoyed to find out that Crowded House, one of her favourite bands, was reforming. Keeping a close eye on their website for tour news, it was Sod's Law that the announcement of a warm up gig at Bristol's Thekla Social (about 10 minutes from our home) was made whilst she was at work. The limited number of tickets were gone in a flash and were seen fetching up to £200 apiece on eBay shortly afterwards. A workmate of hers managed to get into the venue by slipping the door staff £20 and, by all accounts, it was a cracking night. Feck. Still, at least the Bristol Evening Post (above) also managed to blag a ticket and review the gig the following day.

Anyway, on the basis of Badly Drawn Boy and Crowded House's recent 'intimate' low-key gigs, I'm fully expecting to see Julian Cope performing Hey, High Class Butcher at my local meat shop this weekend...

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