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Jukebox Juicebox #28 - Oh iPod I Love You

I finally got around to upgrading from my much loved Panasonic portable cassette player to an iPod Nano last month. Even though I'm making very slow progress with uploading stuff from my record collection (about 500 songs so far, barely half the 4GB space), I've been giving my iPod a good run for it's money. It's been great to hear songs that I haven't listened to in a while, as well as discovering a whole load of stuff on the internet. The shuffle option has proved to be highly addictive when it comes to unusual playlists. I quit smoking (again) on Tuesday and (honest, guv) the moment I lit up my last fag, Chumbawamba's Give The Anarchist A Cigarette kicked into my headphones. Thankfully, so far my iPod's skipped John Lennon's Cold Turkey, which is also lurking in there somewhere...

Anyway, here's my Top 20 Most Played so far:

1) Turin Brakes "Pain Killer" (2003) - My favourite track from the exceptional Ether Song album. Official website

2) Lou Reed "Satellite Of Love" (1972) - Lou + Bowie = Transformer, arguably Reed's best album. Official website
3) The Fall "Lost In Music" (1993) - An incredible cover of the Sister Sledge disco classic (!) from The Infotainment Scan. Offical website
4) Idha Ovelius "I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have"(1994) - The wife of Andy Bell (Oasis, ex-Ride) covers Primal Scream. Only available on a promo cassette with the now defunct Select UK music magazine. Download track from Popboy's fan site
5) Stevie Wonder vs. Rod Stewart "Uptight Maggie (Mash-Up By Go Home Productions)" (2005) - So wrong, yet so right...! One of Mark Vidler's finest moments. Join the GHP mailing list to get lots of lovely free stuff.
6) Darren Hayes vs. Marilyn Manson "Insatiable Love (Mash-Up By McSleazy)" (2002) - I wasn't a particular fan of either song originally, but these work really well together. Download track from McSleazy's website
7) Jay-Z vs. The White Stripes "The Doorbell Encore (Mash-Up By Team 9)" (2005) - It seems my route into rap and hip hop is via the mash-up...! All this and Queen's Another One Bites The Dust thrown in for good measure...! Download track from the Team 9 website
8) Kelly Clarkson vs. David Guetta vs. The Egg "Since You Love Me (Mash-Up By Loo & Placido)" (2006) - Would have been even better if the mash-up had ditched the vocals from the Guetta track, but Ms. Clarkson will never again sound as good as she does here. Loo & Placido's website
9) Chumbawamba "Give The Anarchist A Cigarette" (1994) - '...I hate every pop star that I ever met'. Song title from the book by Mick Farren, track from 1994's Anarchy album. Official website
10) Mirwais vs. Simian Mobile Disco "Naïve Hustler (Mash-Up By IDC)" (2006) - I love Mirwais' Naive Song and this pairing with the Simian boys is a natural. Download track from the IDC website
11) Aztec Camera "Oblivious" (1983) - Roddy Frame is a criminally underrated songwriter. I think he wrote this song when he was about 16 and it's remained one of my favourites from the 1980s. For more info., this is a great fan site or you can visit Roddy Frame's official website
12) The Coral "In The Morning" (2005) - I picked up The Invisible Invasion for a couple of quid in a Virgin Megastore sale and really enjoyed the album as a whole. This is a perfect pop combination of uplifting melody and dark lyrics. Official website
13) Tweet vs. Primal Scream "Oops I’m Loaded (Mash-Up By Team 9)" (2006) - Tweet's saucy ode to onanism laid over the Weatherall seminal remix of the Scream's I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have. Wow! Download track from the Team 9 website
14) The Jesus & Mary Chain featuring Hope Sandoval "Sometimes Always" (1994) - The voice of Mazzy Star perfectly complements the Chain's stab at alt. country from 1995's underrated Stoned & Dethroned. I never get bored of listening to this. Can't wait to hear Ms. Sandoval's appearance on the new Massive Attack album. Listen to the J&MC on MySpace or visit Hope Sandoval's official website
15) Madonna vs. Cassius "Toop Toop Groove (Mash-Up By Loo & Placido)" (2006) - This shouldn't work, but does. I defy you not to get into the groove! Track currently available for download from the Loo & Placido website
16) The White Stripes vs. Alter Ego "7 Nation Rocker (Mash-Up By IDC)" (2004) - The former's bassline and squalling guitar mashed with the latter's screeching synths. A killer. Download track from the IDC website
17) Madison Avenue vs. Blur "Don’t Call Me Song 2 (Mash-Up By McSleazy)" (2000) - The overpolished pop original gets roughed up by Blur's dirty guitar to great effect. Download track from McSleazy's website
18) Kelis vs. Kasabian "Get I.D. (Mash-Up By McSleazy)" (2004) - On the strength of this, Kelis really should do more rock tracks. An epic, melancholic tune. Download track from McSleazy's website
19) Erlend Oye "Sheltered Life (Radio Edit)" (2003) - I love Oye's Unrest album. The single version is markedly different from the original, sounding like a maudlin electropop single from 1981. Which is no bad thing. Official website
20) Calexico "Tulsa Telephone Book (Live At The Roskilde Festival, Denmark)" (2000) - I'm a fairly recent convert to Calexico and there's a bunch of stunning concert performances (including this track) available at Calexico's official website is also worth checking out for downloadable goodies.

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Anonymous Lori in San Antonio said...

I had a Ford promo cassette that someone gave me years ago, it had come in a new car that they'd bought. It had Idha's version of I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have on it and I played it to death many, many years ago. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing the mp3!

4:07 am  

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